Excerpt Ten From My Writing a Novel in a Month Project

Excerpt Ten From My Writing a Novel in a Month Project

November is National Novel Writing Month. This is the tenth excerpt from my writing a novel in a month project – Walking on the Other Side of the Rainbow.

This is the tenth excerpt from my writing a novel in a month project, “Walking on the Other Side of the Rainbow.”  In this excerpt Antonia and Eldridge are wed and Antonia presents her first art show.

I hope you enjoy this excerpt of “Walking on the Other Side of the Rainbow.”  Your comments are greatly appreciated: 

They stood together; with friends and family around them.  Their vows where simple and to the point.  They would love and cherish each other forever, under the eyes of God and nothing would ever come between them.   The preacher pronounced them man and wife and everyone stood as they turned to their wedding guests.  ’Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge G. James.’

Later that night, after watching the tape for the second time,  the newlyweds wrapped themselves in each others’ arms. 

“I wanted to kill Vance, but, Dad wouldn’t let me.  But, he‘ll remember the day we met for the first time and last.”

“I am sure he hopes that was the last.  And a confrontation with him and Malcolm was inevitable, I’m surprised you didn’t have had to fight Malcolm for the chance to get at Vance.  The only reason that he hadn’t lit into him before now, is because of me.”

“Strange obsession.  I understand why he wanted you, but, I don’t understand why he thought violence was the way to get you.”

“That was the first time that he really turned violent.  It was usually verbal abuse, but, he realized that he had no control over me anymore, emotionally or otherwise, so, he turned to violence.”

“I’m sorry about Ivy.  I really am.  So, she was the real stalker and did all that damage to The Barn and God knows what else.”

“Did you check on her?  Is she going to be alright.”

“I talked to her father.  He said he noticed she wasn’t taking her medication, but, he didn’t know she had gotten dangerous.  He promised he would get her some help.”

“And keep her far away from us?”

Eldridge laughed, putting his face in Antonia’s hair.  ”I hope so.”  He started a trail of kisses down her neck.  After a few more of them, the last thing on their minds were Vance and Ivy.  Their evening would end the way it was meant to end, with them together on a cloud away from this world.  ”I love you, Mrs. James.”

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